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3 reported trade speculations to take notice of ahead of the NBA trade deadline

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As the NBA trade deadline inches closer and closer, the trade talks, discussions, and rumors continue to get warmer. While it has been lackluster so far, anything can happen before Feb. 9, as fans live in anticipation and anxiety. The next trade rumor might be an indication of things to come. One deal can change the fate of a player, a team, and a fanbase. Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter becomes more revealing than the Dead Sea scrolls.

If we learned anything from previous trade deadlines, the craziest things tend to happen near or on the eleventh hour. And while none of these trades and ideas have taken shape yet, the headlines have caught our attention. The reports made fans respond with the biggest “what if?”

Whether you’re late to the party and have not been keeping track of trade news or feel strongly about a trade rumor and want reaffirmation, here are three noteworthy trade speculations ahead of the deadline.

Dallas Mavericks: will do whatever it takes, except trade Luka

When the Dallas Mavericks went to the Western Conference Finals last year, who would have thought they would be in the position they are now? Over the summer, the Mavs shipped Jalen Brunson off to New York, and it has not been the most pleasant situation in Dallas since. While most eyes were unsurprisingly on Luka Doncic, Brunson did a lot of work to help the Mavs get to where they got last season. And his departure left the weight of the Metroplex Region on Doncic’s shoulders.

Callie Caplan, a Mavericks reporter for Dallas Morning News, preached to the choir by tweeting, “Mavs are open to trading just about anyone not named Luka Doncic for a star player.”

And they should be. Doncic is too good for a player to retire early for breaking his back. While his play has still been stellar, the lack of help is impossible to ignore. The Mavs have found themselves against the ropes, with Doncic in front of the group. If the Mavs are serious about getting a secondary ace, then the market has some good options.

The Mavs could target Bojan Bogdanovic, Jordan Clarkson, or Buddy Hield. These players would complement Doncic well and fill the gap that Brunson left. Getting Doncic help sooner would prevent the same situation that Damian Lillard is experiencing in Portland from happening in Dallas.

LA Clippers: a championship reunion in Hollywood

Once upon a time, the lone team outside the United States won the NBA title. Everything about the Toronto Raptors’ 2019 Championship run was must-see television. Kawhi Leonard hitting the “luckiest shot” to knock the Philadelphia 76ers out in Game 7, taming the Greek Freak and the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals, Drake giving Nick Nurse shoulder rubs on the sideline while trash-talking the Golden State Warriors, whose hopes of a threepeat got spoiled as chats of “we the north” came down through the whole series.

Many would point to the Warriors being on the receiving end of a double-whammy, losing both Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant to injuries in the finals. However, the Raptors deserve a lot of credit for putting that squad together and getting them all on the same page. And as it turns out, a reunion might not be far from happening.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported the LA Clippers’ interest in Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet, which would reunite them with Kawhi Leonard and Norman Powell. Ever since Leonard and Paul George joined forces in the City of Angels, the masses have painted a healthy version of the team to be title favorites. While Kawhi is embodying the expectations attached to him, his team has some weaknesses in their rotations, and now may be a good time for an upgrade.

Lowry currently has numbers identical to John Wall’s, so I do not see the point in trading for him. Wall is expected to do more damage once he’s completely healthy. However, VanVleet has been solid for Toronto’s offense this season, averaging nearly 20 points per game. He could be the needle-mover that the Clippers need. If they can land VanVleet and a backup center for Ivika Zubac, they will be in better shape for the second half of the season.

O.G. Anunoby: the valley or the concrete jungle?

Another member of the Raptors championship team that might be on the move is O.G. Anunoby. He has been a regular in trade discussions for the better part of the season. Since their 2021-22 campaign, the 25-year-old got the ball rolling and became a staple in the Raptors’ starting lineup.

Averaging 16.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game while shooting just below fifty percent from the field, he has caught the eyes of other teams. According to the Athletic’s Shams Charania, two notable suitors are the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns.

The Knicks have been on a rise this season, with a trio of southpaws in RJ Barret, Jalen Brunson, and Julius Randle leading the pack. A franchise synonymous with mediocrity has suddenly found itself in the playoff picture. The loud whispers suggest that the Knicks will put a trade package centered around moving Cam Reddish. And if they get Anunoby to New York, he could help pull the Knicks out of the play-in scenario and clinch a playoff spot.

On the other hand, the Suns have been standing on quicksand and sinking over the course of the season. Phoenix being the eighth seed is a reminder of how open the Western Conference is. Like the Knicks, the Suns could use a push, or rather a pull, and Anunoby could provide that. The Suns have pieces and assets available for the transaction and should pull the trigger before someone else beats them.

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