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The Cost of Firing Arizona Wildcats Basketball’s Tommy Lloyd

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Arizona Wildcats fans are buzzing after a disappointing exit from this year’s NCAA tournament. Some are even asking whether head coach Tommy Lloyd should be fired. Before diving into the debate, let’s take a look at Lloyd’s background, achievements, salary, buyout, and contract details.

Tommy Lloyd was hired as the University of Arizona’s head basketball coach in April 2021. Last year, as a #1 seed, the Wildcats reached the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament. This year, however, they were a #2 seed and suffered a surprising first-round loss to #15 seed Princeton. This early exit has some Wildcats fans up in arms, but is it premature to call for Lloyd’s firing?

Lloyd has had considerable success at Arizona, winning the Pac-12 regular-season and Pac-12 tournament last year. This year, he secured the conference championship again. With an overall record of 61-11, it’s worth considering whether fans are overreacting to the recent loss.

Tommy Lloyd’s Contract and Salary

Now, let’s examine Tommy Lloyd’s contract, salary, buyout, and net worth in more detail. In June 2022, Lloyd signed a five-year extension, solidifying his commitment to the program. His salary is approximately $3.6 million per year, consisting of $2.9 million in base salary and $700,000 in additional duties compensation, which covers responsibilities such as fundraising, community engagement, and media appearances.

Lloyd’s contract also includes up to $1.2 million in incentives, with a staggering $800,000 bonus for a national championship win.

Tommy Lloyd’s Buyout

The buyout, however, may be the most significant obstacle for those who want Lloyd gone. His contract includes a massive $15.4 million buyout, which the university would have to pay if they decided to fire him. Conversely, Lloyd would owe the university a hefty $12 million if he chose to leave for another job.

The large buyout amounts suggest that both the university and Lloyd were serious about their long-term commitment when the extension was signed. It would be a costly endeavor for either party to end the relationship.

Tommy Lloyd’s Net Worth

Lloyd’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He has acquired his wealth through his successful coaching career, including his years as an assistant coach at Gonzaga before taking the helm at Arizona. The lucrative contract extension with the Wildcats has undoubtedly boosted his net worth as well.

While some Arizona Wildcats fans may be calling for Tommy Lloyd’s firing after the recent NCAA tournament upset, it’s essential to consider his overall accomplishments and the financial implications of such a decision.

The significant buyouts in Lloyd’s contract indicate a strong commitment between the coach and the university. It’s worth pondering whether this loyalty should prevail as the Wildcats look to regroup and come back stronger next season.

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