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NBA Twitter reacts to Kevin Durant roasting Internet troll

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NBA Twitter is reacting to Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant roasting an Internet troll. This is not the first time the two-time NBA champion has fought with fans on social media.

On Monday, Twitter user Michael Patrón tweeted this message: “Car wouldn’t start this morning, get to work late and our internet is down. Lol. I love this s—t. Unlike @KDTrey5 I actually enjoy taking the hardest road…it’s basically just problem solving practice.”

In a response, Durant tweeted: “U enjoy having a sh—ty car and getting to work and not being able to connect to the internet?” NBA Twitter wasted no time to react to this comical exchange.

Durant is notorious for responding to several critical comments online. Needless to say, it’s as clear as daylight that Patrón’s tweet struck a nerve.

While an average joe might take a second or two to respond to Internet trolls, it looks even worse for professional athletes. Some comments are not worth responding to.

NBA Twitter reacts to Kevin Durant roasting Internet troll

It should go without saying that Twitter is a toxic place. Though, it’s an interesting site for a few laughs every here and there.

African Jamal Murray made an excellent point in his reply tweet: “Bro is barely surviving, had an awful morning, and the first thing on his mind is Kevin Durant instead of fixing his life LMAO.”

Moreover, Durant’s war on Twitter haters dates back many years. One post from NBA Retweet showed occasions when the two-time Finals MVP responded to salty tweets. Check it out below.

In August 2020, Kevin Durant tweeted: “Bro want me to be insecure so bad…ok I’m insecure about my right eye being a little lazy…your turn.”

Then, Obsessed Lakers Fan responded: “Bruh it ain’t that you was insecure you just did some soft s—t and joined a 73 win team dawg like who tf does that 😂😂😂.”

Of course, Durant then tweeted: “I did it just to piss people like u off.”

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