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Russell Westbrook details reaction on heated, bloody moment from receiving Zach Collins’ brutal elbow

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Russell Westbrook admitted that his temper rose up following the hard, brutal elbow he received from Zach Collins on the Los Angeles Lakers’ Saturday show against the San Antonio Spurs.

But the veteran guard insisted that things went calm for him upon noticing that blood was starting to stream down his forehead.

“Initially reaction, obviously is to hop up and kind of see what’s going on,” Westbrook said, courtesy of Los Angeles Times’ Broderick Turner. “But once I’m bleeding all over the place I was able to calm down and take care of that and I moved forward.”

The bloody sequence that subjected Westbrook has rocked not only the AT&T Center, but also the entire online circle of the league. Late in the third period, Westbrook took a fake for his second chance attempt from a missed layup. Mistakenly, Collins, upon his attempt, hardly struck his elbow in the head of the former All-Star guard.

Westbrook fell down, scrambling to get up, and needed to be restrained by LeBron James before he even get into it with the big man.

As he went up, blood started to flow in the face of the former league MVP upon sustaining a deep cut on his forehead, which prompted James to grab a towel and cover it to curb the bleeding.

For James, he didn’t want to allow Westbrook to further intensify the heated altercation, further acknowledging his role to take urgent action.

“I didn’t want to let Russ escalate it any further,” James said. “Especially with him bleeding like that, I didn’t want to hit Russ or anything after that contact. So, just try to step in there and try to defuse it as much as possible.”

Following the play, Collins was thrown out of the game with a flagrant foul, with officials slapping Westbrook with a technical assessment on one end

As the top part of his forehead was taped to momentarily stop the bleeding, Westbrook initially took his bonus free throws from Collins’ flagrant action. He then went on to the locker room and received a needed laceration.

Westbrook returned to the game with less than nine minutes left in the fourth period, having no tape on his head anymore. As such, the unwanted moment didn’t hinder him to finish the match with 11 points, seven boards and six assists in 26 minutes played coming off the bench

“Yeah, it was fine,” Westbrook said of his forehead cut. “Doctor looked at it and closed it up and I came back out.”

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