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Darvin Ham addresses Lakers’ loss vs. Mavericks

by TLD

The Lakers failed to take advantage on the absence of Luka Doncic as they fell against the Mavericks at home after Maxi Kleber nailed a buzzer-beating three-pointer (110-111).

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham talked about the loss during the postgame press conference. One of things that he emphasized was the number of free-throws that his team missed (19/31).

“It’s like Indiana all over again,” Ham said. “At the end of the day, NBA players are highly talented elite skill level. But you got to make some more of an emphasis in what you really have to control what you can control. And I though we weren’t disciplined at certain stages. We fouled, had some really bad fouls fouling shooters.

“And also we did the job we seek out to do every game and that’s won the free-throw line. We got 31 attempts, but you got to make more than 19. We make our free throws we’re probably not having this conversation.”

“Again, we can’t feel sorry for ourselves, man,” he added later. “As tough as this loss is, we got to pick ourselves up, wipe off the dust and get ourselves out of the dirt refill our cups up and try to get the win on Sunday.”

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