Corey bought 2 1/2 liters of paint for $60. What was the cost per liter of paint

Accepted Solution

Hello there!Answer:$24Step-by-step explanation:In order to find the answer to your problem, we're going to need to find out how much ONE liter of paint costs.Lets gather the information of what we know:2 1/2 liters of paint↑ Cost $60.With the information we know, we can solve to find the answer.In order to get the answer, we would need to divide 60 by 2 1/2 (or 2.5). We would need to do this because when we divide it, it would allow us to get the cost for 1 liter.Lets solve:[tex]60 \div 2.5=24[/tex]When you divide, you should get the answer of 24.This means that one liter of paint cost $24.$24 should be your FINAL answer.